Sensation Black.

Custom made aluminum box, which fits the Inspiration Classic & Vision canister. The Sensation Black is made of high quality hard anodised aluminium.

The Sensation Black is made to work with the original parts of your Inspiration Classic or Vision rebreather  The only parts needed are two Quick releases (not included) to mount your cylinders to the box.

The Sensation Black also has the possibility to add spare cylinders and batterypacks. They will be fitted on a aluminum plate (option SB1502) between the harness and the box. 

The Sensation box is designed to provided a riged frame which is more compact than the original case. the case is 3 kg negative.
and it can stand on it's own. 

the box works with the original ap harnass or with any other harnass/backplate.

You also can fit a aluminum base (SB1510/SB1514) under the box to increase your working height.

  • SB1510, height is 7.5cm
  • SB1511, height is 10cm
  • SB1512, height is 12,5cm
  • SB1513, height is 14cm
  • SB1514, height is 14cm with room ø111mm ponybottle.

Sensation Black.

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